Our Technology

Experience doesn't mean old fashioned!

  • Our PDF paper work is accurate, trackable and allows real time reporting if required
  • Vehicle Trackers let us know which engineer is closest to you so we can provide precise arrival times to our customers
  • Specialist Software allows us to manage servicing and repair schedules, track orders and record performance 
  • Cloud Servers minimise the risk of date loss, ensure data protection and allow our team to work anywhere at anytime




Going Green

We are aiming to be virtually paperless by the end of this year using our handheld PDAs & tablet which minimise paper waste and allow us to store and recall records more quickly and efficiently.

Our vehicle tracking systems remind our staff to drive economically, saving on fuel and vehicle wear and tear.

All waste is disposed of responsibly using licensed waste carries and used batteries, circuit boards and wiring are taken to recycling centres whenever possible. Going Green doesn’t just help the environment, it helps us work more efficiently and keeps costs down for our customers.

24 hour response

We offer a 24 hour emergency breakdown callout service to all our clients, 365 days a year. With our fully integrated tracking system we will be able to tell you exactly when an engineer will be with you. Emergency response when you need it. 07542 71 47 62

Planned Maintenance 

We all know that having a car serviced regularly means less breakdowns and expensive repairs and less time off the road waiting for parts - the same is true for Lifts; regular planned maintenance keeps everything running smoothly.

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